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Scotland Sends a Stark Warning to the EU

Fred argues that increasing devolution in the UK heralds a new era for the European nation state. Across Europe citizens are driving for increased self-determination in stark contrast with the EU’s aims for centralized integration. Without a fundamental reduction in the EU project’s scope and devolution of governmental powers there will be ever increasing separatism and disconnection between citizens,…


The Islamic State: A Break with History

Tewfik argues that the rise of the Islamic State is the result of the obsolesce of the power sharing agreements borne out of the collapse of the Ottoman Empire. To permanently defeat the Islamic State and bring stability to the Middle East it may be necessary to reinvent the institutions that govern the Fertile Crescent.  There is nothing “Islamic” about the…


The Unravelling Fabric of Empire

Anise argues that despite the victory of the “no” campaign the promises made in the run up to and since the vote cause the fabric of the United Kingdom to unravel. Devolutionary pressures from the four regions threaten to create a much less unified Union.  Perhaps we were all too focused on the dramatics of Scotland’s…


The Yes campaign and New Labour recycled

Ben argues that the positive side of the case for Scottish independence has been taken for granted. On closer inspection its policies bear a striking resemblance to those of New Labour and referendum voters should consider whether an independent Scotland will be able to avoid history repeating itself. As the Scottish independence vote draws near…


Time for Arab Leadership against ISIS

Tewfik argues that as the world prepares itself to broaden the war against ISIS Arab Leadership is necessary. Arab states must urgently act against ISIS for their short term self interest to both destroy the movement and set the tone against extremism for the future. Tomorrow Barack Obama will outline his plan for dealing with ISIS. Listening to statements…

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