Monthly Archives: October 2014


Ebola and the Paradox of Human Rights

The current situation surrounding Ebola in the United States helps highlight a bizarre paradox of our time. We have become so obsessed with romanticized notions of “human rights” that we forget there are boundaries to when and how certain rights may apply. Kaci Hickox, an American nurse, travelled for a month to Sierra Leone to treat Ebola…


Global Reader – Understanding Hong Kong’s Occupy Central

Hong Kong Protests, as much about Dollars as about Democracy Some insight into the economic battle being waged in Hong Kong today. Occupy Central Q&A A “one-minute” introduction to the Occupy Central movement, named after the city’s main financial district, which has since spread to numerous locations to the east of the Island and…


Global Reader – A Focus on Climate Change

Focus on Climate Change at UN General Assembly Preceded by the largest climate march in history, President Obama delivered a strong speech to the UN underscoring the need for every country to address climate change and highlighting a new federal initiative to include sustainability factors in international development programs. China Embraces Carbon Pricing, Other…


Global Reader – Re-Imagining Africa

Seven Reasons Why Africa’s Time is Now Author Jonathan Berman sheds light on seven reasons why Africa’s current economic momentum is here to stay. The Real Africa New York Times columnist David Brooks separates Africa’s headlines from trend lines. Google & Web Access in Africa Africa Connected is a Google sponsored initiative tracking…

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