Launching Global Reader – Insight into our Contributors’ Reading Lists

In the past month, OpedSpace has reached thousands of readers in over 75 countries with thoughtful op-eds on the today’s most pressing global challenges.

Today, we are announcing Global Reader, a new feature that will deepen and broaden the range of viewpoints and topics that we cover at OpEd Space.

Global Reader will take visitors further than op-eds to understand the sources and viewpoints that shape the views of young professionals around the globe. What is a young Greek reading to understand the Euro Zone crisis? Where is a Hongkonger looking to get information on the protests in Hong Kong?

With Global Reader, we will give you a first-hand look inside the content that is shaping views around the world, bringing local sources, articles, reports, and videos that you might not see otherwise. And with so many Op Ed Space visitors asking to learn more, Global Reader will be a passport to a world of new sources, opinions, and perspectives.

We look forward to hearing about what’s shaped your views.

Please submit your Global Reader to



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