Global Reader – A Focus on Climate Change

  • Focus on Climate Change at UN General Assembly

Preceded by the largest climate march in history, President Obama delivered a strong speech to the UN underscoring the need for every country to address climate change and highlighting a new federal initiative to include sustainability factors in international development programs.

  • China Embraces Carbon Pricing, Other Nations See Opportunity to Collaborate

In 2016, China plans to establish a $65 billion national carbon market constituting 40 percent of its economy, after which Korea, Mexico and other nations are expected to link markets.

  •  Progress will continue even if the next climate change negotiations in Paris does not produce an agreement

Japan, Russia, and Australia don’t appear to be in good positions to agree to a new climate accord but many nations are realizing climate change progress is in their nation’s best interest anyway.

  •  California Forges Ahead with Climate Policies and Bilateral Agreements

Building off of similar relationships being developed with Oregon, Washington State, and the province of Quebec, California and Mexico recently agreed to further develop plans to create a carbon-pricing scheme.

  •  The Economist highlights events and initiatives that have helped address climate change

Also included are new initiatives coming online and their potential for progress.

  •  Major economic study suggesting economic growth and climate change policies are not mutually exclusive

The Financial Times highlights a $9 million study building on the work of economist Sir Nicholas Stern, which includes recommendations for countries to boost their economy and climate initiatives.

Tristan Brown

Tristan Brown will soon be joining the law firm of Van Ness Feldman, LLP in Washington, DC as an associate attorney. He is a recent graduate of the UC Berkeley School of Law and previously served as an advisor on energy issues to U.S. Senator Amy Klobuchar.



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