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My Heartbreak over Ferguson

When I heard the Ferguson decision, I took on weight.  My stomach grew heavy and bloated.  My shoulders began to tingle.  I went outside to move my car and noticed that I was walking with my back hunched over.  I looked at my street and remembered that Michael Brown was shot and killed in his…


A Chinese Tour De Force: Why the US Must Continue its Pivot to Asia

Two weeks ago China went on a diplomatic tour de force, asserting its rising position not only in its Pacific backyard but also globally. The show of diplomatic dexterity demonstrated a degree of breadth in issues and bilateral partners unseen in the international arena since Henry Kissinger. Xi Jinping, China’s President, signed a climate accord…


Immigration Action Gives Obama an Edge Over GOP

The recent mid-term elections left President Obama in a precarious position.  The overwhelming Republican victory, seen by some as an indictment of the president’s administration, supposedly confirmed Mr. Obama’s lame duck status.  Yet not three weeks after the Democrats’ loss, Mr. Obama’s immigration reform has shifted the political landscape and set his administration on a…


A (Real) Climate Change Agenda

Freedom—the ability of all to live how they so choose, up to the point that this undermines the ability of others to do the same—and a thriving natural environment—the supply of the environmental goods and services as well as climatic stability upon which civilization depends—provide the common, fundamental keystones for a prosperous society composed of…

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