Monthly Archives: December 2014


Greenland: Election Drama in the Arctic Circle

On November 28th, 2014, Greenland held parliamentary elections 18 months ahead of schedule after Prime Minister Aleqa Hammond resigned in the wake of allegations regarding the misuse of public funds. Greenland, the world’s largest non-continental island, is growing increasingly important geopolitically—the melting Arctic ice fueling fantasies of vast unexplored mineral, gas and oil reserves. In…


The Eastern Mediterranean: Pipeline Politics Force a Difficult Decision on US Foreign Policy

The autumn cold is here, but the Eastern Mediterranean remains hot. Negotiations to end forty years of Turkish occupation in the northern third of Cyprus ended abruptly in late October. The Cypriot president suspended talks after a Turkish survey vessel entered the Exclusive Economic Zone of Cyprus. Cyprus has been in discussions to partner with…


Building the Next Silicon Valley: Your Regulations are my Opportunity

 Countries can build the next Silicon Valley by turning smart regulation into a competitive advantage   Jeff Bezos famously said, “Your margin is my opportunity,” and built a colossus of American business to take advantage of that. Amazon has become a dominant engine powering Seattle’s economy, reshaping downtown Seattle, creating jobs, and helping Seattle beat…

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