Changing a Nation: State of the Union Address of 2015

Addressing over 30 main objectives, President Barack H. Obama broke down his vision and plan of what he hoped to accomplish and see happen for the United States of America during and after his final two years in office. Half way through his second and final term as President, Obama strives to push this nation in the direction that he believes is fair and just for each citizen to equally survive. From health care and education to immigration and cybersecurity, Obama addressed every major issue currently making headlines in the United States of America.

Switching back and forth from his written speech to his own thoughts, this address shed light on the positive effects that can come from working together as a people and as a nation. Obama continued to reiterate all of the things that have been accomplished with the help of Congress and “not allowing politics to get in the way” such as the incarceration and crime rates at their lowest in 40 years and the rise of minimum wage for some employers for the first time since 2007. Obama repeatedly challenged America and its citizens to think safe, smart and economically. Even making a direct reference to the members of Congress who have constantly voted against his proposal to the raising of wages, Obama said “If you think you can support a family making $15,000 a year, then you try it.”

Obama reminded this nation, the one that elected him for the second time in a row, that when he took his oath on the front steps of the Capitol he promised to rebuild this nation and its economy on a new foundation. One where a young woman has the proper access to the health care that she deserves, where men and women worked the same job for the same wages, where workers are offered seven paid sick days and even paid maternity leave. In the budget that Obama plans to submit to Congress, he informs the nation that he plans to continue lowering taxes and put some of that money back in the pockets of those who need it. “These middle class families aren’t asking for handouts” said Obama “but what they need is help”.

Obama will also propose a reform on the criminal justice system, making reference to the cities of Ferguson, MO and New York, NY. He assures the nation the work will be done to continue to put a definite end to tax payer bailouts and the veto of any health, immigration and bank rollback laws that will set this economy back from the progress it has made. “Middle class economics works, expanding opportunities works” said Obama as he continued to express how important he believes it is that as a people we understand that working together and contributing to the success of the United States of America also works.

“We are still more than a collection of red states and blue states, we are the United States of America.” said Obama in reference to his idea of the true interpretation of the United States of America. Obama states, “this country works best when each person is given a fair shot and the same set of rules.” Obama reminds the people that thinking smart and safe has led to the return of thousands of our soldiers and the end of the war in Afghanistan. Leaving just 15,000 of our troops to return home soon. “By believing in a smarter kind of American leadership, America stands to ultimately destroy ISIS by not allowing ourselves to be blinded by fear.” said Obama when making reference to his decision to not deploy ground troops immediately into the Middle East and destroying ISIS altogether.

With so many topics each citizen should inform his or herself and watch or read the State of the Union Address for 2015. It is imperative to know exactly how and where our country is being led. The President used this address to acknowledge the many successes of his 6 year presidency so far, but does not specifically make reference to the failures except by only stating that “not everything I have tried has work, but let’s continue to build on what has.” Obama held nothing back when voicing his concern of the success and prosperity of this nation. One can take away that Obama believes in his idea of the success of this country. And he is legitimately doing everything in his power to make his idea continue to happen. He tells his fellow Americans, that “if we can become a strong, tight knit family, we can overcome hard times together. Remaking the United States of America and laying a new foundation and a new world that we can be proud to love.”

Jasmine Nettles, US


Jasmine Nettles. 21 years old and a native of Flint, MI. Sophomore at Ferris State University in Big Rapids, MI. Studying English Language & Literature & Journalism. She is also quality Control Manager of the Ferris State Torch Newspaper. She is actively involved on her college campus as a student leader and volunteer worker.

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