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Norske Muslimer Skaper Historie

På en kjølig lørdagskveld fanget Oslo verdens oppmerksomhet. En gruppe unge norske muslimer kom sammen og sendte et klart fredsbudskap ved å danne et menneskelig skjold rundt synagogen i Oslo. Denne solidaritetsmarkeringen kom i lys av de siste ukers terrorangrep i Paris og København som har reist bekymringer om de jødiske samfunns sikkerhet i Europa….


How to Help Afghanistan? Use the Diaspora

As Afghanistan convenes a new government it will need to ensure that development plans mobilize aid into action. Since 2001, “assistance” and “investment” have flowed to Afghanistan in varying guises and ever-increasing quantities. The structure and discourse of economic development prioritized quantity over quality, funneling donor funding and warm bodies into projects with little purpose…


Norwegian Muslims Make History

On a chilly Saturday evening in Oslo, Norway’s Muslims made history in a way that captured the world’s attention. A group of young Norwegian Muslims came together and decided to send a clear message to the world by forming a human shield around a synagogue in Oslo. This show of solidarity came in light of…


Lonely Putin Goes to Budapest

Hungary’s reception of Putin earlier this week – however publically understated – demonstrates fractures in the EU’s posture towards Putin. Though sharing not only a border with Ukraine but also a deep-seated distrust of things Russian, Hungary can’t afford the language of political lambast that comes so cheaply to those further West. In what was…



Несмотря на объявление о прекращении огня еще два дня назад, украинские войска и сепаратисты ведут боевые действия прямо за пределами стратегического восточно-украинского города Дебальцево, в деревне Чернухино. Как только я вышел из джипа, высадившего нас в Чернухино, менее чем в километре от Дебальцево, пуля снайпера пролетела над головами, заставляя нас присесть. Город стал наиболее оживленной…

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