Украина – Жестокость войны: фотографии с линии фронта

Первомайск, февраль 2015

Lenin's statue in the centre of Pervomaisk with undetonated Howitzer, Grad and SMERCHs


Man surveys damage after Ukrainian artillery bombardment

Ukrainians line up to get water and basic necessities

Ukrainians line up to get water and basic necessities

Man enjoying a cigarette and trying to enjoy a semblance of normalcy

Damage from artillery bombardment in Pervomaisk Feb 5th


All photos courtesy of the author.


Maximilian Clarke, UK


After graduating from Leeds, Maximilian worked as a volunteer in Afghanistan before securing work as a business journalist in London. A year and a half later he returned to Kabul for another six months where he worked with a local human rights organisation. During his free time he pursued his passion for photography. Beginning with the riots on Kiev’s Maidan, Maximilian has spent months of the past year in and out of Ukraine pursuing his passion for photography whilst documenting the revolution and the increasingly brutal conflict in the Donbass.

  • Vadik Savelev

    Ватаны получили руцький мир. И кто скажет что мир несправедлив?

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