What are you “Committing to Start” After Graduation?

As the spring semester nears a close, many of us approaching graduation are thinking about how our time at school will impact our lives moving forward.

As an MBA candidate at Harvard Business School, my classmates and I aspire to our institution’s challenge to be “leaders who make a difference in the world,” a goal easily lost in the tumult of post-graduation life, especially as we experience new careers, unfamiliar cities, and the busyness accompanying reentry into professional life.

With this in mind, a group of classmates and I have spent the last several weeks working to launch Commit to Start, an initiative supporting students in creating concrete plans for beginning to make a difference in the year after graduation.

 Make Your Commitment

If you are an HBS student, we ask you to join us in this effort. On the Commit to Start website, you can see classmates’ plans for next year, add your own commitment, and gain support in turning those good intentions into action over the next twelve months. After adding your commitment, you’ll benefit from connections with alumni networks in your new city, affinity groups of classmates across the world, and tools for sharing your goals with a close friend who can help you stick to your goals.

Whether you’re aiming to start a company, join a nonprofit board, donate to charities, or simply connect with classmates moving to your same city after graduation, Commit to Start offers a platform for you to make a plan for next year and benefit from a number of connections along the way.

Gain inspiration from what others are doing and add your plan for getting started making a difference after school. Join me (and a whole lot of classmates) at committostart.com.

Wyatt Smith is a member of the HBS class of 2015 and he leads the Commit to Start initiative at Harvard Business School. OpedSpace Editor In Chief, Tewfik Cassis, has submitted his own commitment to the website.

Wyatt Smith, US


Wyatt Smith is an MBA candidate in the Harvard Business School Class of 2015, where he serves as president of Section J. Prior to graduate school, Wyatt served as a Teach for America corps member, teaching Social Studies at G.W. Carver High School in Birmingham, AL. He plans to join McKinsey & Company as an associate in San Francisco in August 2015.

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