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“10 Ways The Media Is Letting You Down… Number 7 Will Blow Your Mind!”

Don’t you hate yourself when you click on those headlines? Soundbites and listicles are taking over media, dumbing down complex issues like inequality, foreign policy, climate change and immigration. We can’t afford to be wrong on these issues and we need your help to change that by contributing to our Indiegogo Campaign. 


We want to build the premier media company for our generation. We have spent the last few months building an incredible community of the most talented young people across the world to share their stories, insight and perspectives with readers in over 130 countries. We have seen our web traffic grow exponentially over the last three months and are excited for the future, but we need your help!


Our community are young politicians, activists, entrepreneurs, economists and people who want to be heard and share their voice. We are giving them a platform to do so on the issues that matter most to them. They’ve also developed some great content. From in-depth analysis of the war in Yemen, to an exclusive documentary with the families of Egyptian Christians beheaded by ISIS and a series of posts from the rebel front lines in Eastern Ukraine.

What We Need & What You Get

We need $15k to really take this to the next level. You are currently on the MVP version of our site, and we are ready for the next generation.

We need the money to do an overhaul of the website and to improve our video capabilities. We currently produce only written content and want to shift toward a multimedia platform, starting with a video series featuring one of our contributors called “Time Out With Tara.”


From there we want to run concerted campaigns about the issues that matter to our generation (e.g. political dysfunction, diminished job opportunities, and climate change). Our current site can’t handle all that, so we need to give it an upgrade.

Aside from that general feeling of smug satisfaction that one gets after doing a good thing we are prepared to offer you more than that!

  •  $10 – gets you onto our weekly email list that highlights our best content (caveat: you can sign up for that for free on our homepage, but we appreciate the money anyway)
  •  $75 – gets you a trendy OpedSpace t-shirt (this will show your friends that you are an informed consumer of quality news)
  •  $250 – gets you a ticket to our OpedSpace Contributor Conference where you can interact with our community that is producing all the great stories you will be reading/watching

The Impact

We hope to change the way media is created and consumed by our generation. Despite popular belief, we are not a narcissistic generation. Sure, we like our occasional selfie, but we are also deeply consumed by issues that go beyond our immediate surroundings. Take the Arab Spring in 2011, or how thousands of Americans participated in Tea Party rallies and the #blacklivesmatter movement. Young people of all political persuasions are taking action.


Whether it be the second year analyst on Wall Street that still finds time to volunteer at an education NGO, or the Tunisian Civil Rights activist who has devoted her entire life to improving job opportunities for her compatriots, you see young people all around the world actively contributing to their communities. The sad part: their stories are largely ignored and unheard… We want to change that.

Risks & Challenges

We know this won’t be easy–media is a tough industry. Aside from the usual “how do you monetize?” questions, getting good content from around the world is always a challenge. We are also committing ourselves to being credible and accurate, a last stop destination for international insight for our generation. Ensuring this is a challenge that we will rely on our contributor base to overcome. We’ve already invested quite a bit of time and energy to making sure our contributors are the best and brightest people from their respective countries. We work with them to ensure they produce great content and double check their facts and figures on the stories we publish.

Other Ways You Can Help

If you can’t contribute (and even if you can) you can still help us in other ways.

Like us on Facebook. Follow us on Twitter. Follow us on Instagram. Tell your friends about us and read the stuff we post!



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