Our Mission

Our mission is to create an international digital media company that provides quality insight from a contributor base of the most talented young people from across the world. We want to give young people a multi-lingual, multi-format platform to bring their insights to a global audience. We hope to fill a void that exists between your Facebook status and professional journalism and provides a powerful platform for young people all across the world.

Elevate the discourse

What is Opedspace? We live in a world with shifting borders, fragmenting post-cold war order and a tenuous global economic recovery. Technology changed how we receive and digest these events, democratizing ideas, opinions and thought leadership. Yet, in the cacophony of news we feel amiss. We see a need for a forum where young professionals can easily and readily access others’ opinions and views on the events which are shaping our world. Opedspace.com is a truly international media company for talented young people to bring their local insight to a global audience.

Looking around the world – we are facing a multiplicity of challenges that are both distant and fragmented but also interrelated and entwined. From Donetsk to Mosul to Ferguson we see the resurgence of old issues long thought dead. The Cold War’s comeback in the form of Russian aggression in Ukraine casts a chill over Eastern Europe. Religious-sectarian divisions have brought about ethnic cleansing and the collapse of State power to North-Western Iraq in the form of ISIS. The Israeli-Palestinian conflict (never far behind in the news) has flared up again, and looks farther from solution than ever before. The US role–and that of other major powers–is, as ever, central to all of these issues but their ability to unilaterally determine outcomes seems a relic of a bygone era.

We are building a voice for the most talented young people across the world. The young people who are there on the ground or shaping policy or experts in their field. This community, we hope, will become a significant voice in world affairs.

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