Articles by Anise Vance, UK

Anise Vance, an American national of Iranian descent, currently works for the Boston Indicators Project in research and communications. He holds an M.Phil. in Human Geography from Queen's University Belfast and an MFA in Creative Writing from Rutgers University. Anise received his A.B. from Dartmouth College. He is a Mitchell and Beinecke Scholar, as well as a Mellon Mays Fellow. His work, which focuses on issues of empire, ethnicity, conflict, and post-conflict society, has appeared in numerous locations, most notably American Circus magazine.


My Heartbreak over Ferguson

When I heard the Ferguson decision, I took on weight.  My stomach grew heavy and bloated.  My shoulders began to tingle.  I went outside to move my car and noticed that I was walking with my back hunched over.  I looked at my street and remembered that Michael Brown was shot and killed in his…


Immigration Action Gives Obama an Edge Over GOP

The recent mid-term elections left President Obama in a precarious position.  The overwhelming Republican victory, seen by some as an indictment of the president’s administration, supposedly confirmed Mr. Obama’s lame duck status.  Yet not three weeks after the Democrats’ loss, Mr. Obama’s immigration reform has shifted the political landscape and set his administration on a…


Northern Ireland: Can Peace Hold?

A tall task faces US negotiator Gary Hart in his efforts to maintain relative tranquility in Northern Ireland.  Buffeted by myriad forms of conflict in the past eighteen months, the region’s peace has remained in place, if not securely so.  While matters concerning ethno-national parades and flags rank high on Mr. Hart’s docket, they are…


The Unravelling Fabric of Empire

Anise argues that despite the victory of the “no” campaign the promises made in the run up to and since the vote cause the fabric of the United Kingdom to unravel. Devolutionary pressures from the four regions threaten to create a much less unified Union.  Perhaps we were all too focused on the dramatics of Scotland’s…

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