Articles by Anna-Sofia Yurtaslan, Denmark

Anna-Sofia Yurtaslan, Denmark

Anna-Sofia Olesen Yurtaslan, a half-Dane half-Turk, is currently a public housing social worker with Gentofte Municipality in Denmark. Her work involves neighborhood development, community building and fundraising. She holds a Master of Public Policy (M.P.P.) from the Frank Batten School of Leadership & Public Policy and a B.A. in Global Development Studies from the University of Virginia. She is especially interested in South Asia, where she spent the majority of her childhood (Pakistan, Nepal & India)-- she has previously worked at the NGO-Federation of Nepalese Indigenous Nationalities (NGO-FONIN) on the topic of social inclusion of indigenous peoples in post-civil war Nepal. Anna-Sofia is passionate about displacement crises (refugees and IDPs), human rights, social justice and inequality, social inclusion, post-conflict justice mechanisms, European integration, nationalism and multiculturalism.


Greenland: Election Drama in the Arctic Circle

On November 28th, 2014, Greenland held parliamentary elections 18 months ahead of schedule after Prime Minister Aleqa Hammond resigned in the wake of allegations regarding the misuse of public funds. Greenland, the world’s largest non-continental island, is growing increasingly important geopolitically—the melting Arctic ice fueling fantasies of vast unexplored mineral, gas and oil reserves. In…

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