Articles by Douglas Miller, US

Douglas Miller, US

Douglas Miller applies his background in environmental and behavioral economics at Rocky Mountain Institute (RMI) to pioneer the global transformation to energy efficiency and renewable energy. Douglas holds a MSc in Environmental Economics and Policy from Imperial College London and a BA in Philosophy, Politics, Economics (PPE) and Environmental Studies from the University of Pennsylvania. He received the highest academic awards and honors from both universities for his interdisciplinary, empirical research on environmental and climate action strategies. Before joining RMI, Douglas served in roles at Chatham House, Wharton Risk Center, Wharton Initiative for Global Environmental Leadership, Oxford University, Carbon Smart, and the Mayor of Baltimore’s Office of Sustainability.


A (Real) Climate Change Agenda

Freedom—the ability of all to live how they so choose, up to the point that this undermines the ability of others to do the same—and a thriving natural environment—the supply of the environmental goods and services as well as climatic stability upon which civilization depends—provide the common, fundamental keystones for a prosperous society composed of…

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