Articles by Elena Weissmann, US

Elena Weissmann, US

Elena Weissmann is an advocate at the Bronx Defenders, where her work focuses on providing holistic legal and social justice services for the South Bronx's low-income communities. She previously held a fellowship at the Office of Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel, conducted independent research on cooperative dialogue in Jerusalem, and served as an analyst for the Global Emergency Group. She holds a dual BA/MPP from the University of Virginia, and has a special interest in cities' policies and lived experiences.


Millennials, Nostalgia and Urban Preservation: Why we Clamor for a Past we Never Had

For a generation that grew up with unparalleled accessibility to the past, memory has never been more appealing. We immerse ourselves in the appropriated memories of previous generations, fixating on symbols like Mason Jars and cobblestones, resisting any visible break with the sepia-toned days of yore. We romanticize the architecture and styles of centuries past,…

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