Articles by HIlary Hurd, UK

HIlary Hurd, UK

Hilary Hurd is a 2013 Marshall Scholar currently studying at King's College London.


Lonely Putin Goes to Budapest

Hungary’s reception of Putin earlier this week – however publically understated – demonstrates fractures in the EU’s posture towards Putin. Though sharing not only a border with Ukraine but also a deep-seated distrust of things Russian, Hungary can’t afford the language of political lambast that comes so cheaply to those further West. In what was…


Who really is Charlie Hebdo?

“Je suis Charlie Hebdo.” Never before has international outrage had such a coherent adage. Horrified by the brutal assassination last Wednesday of 17 citizens by three Islamic extremists, citizens from the cold streets of Paris to the white walls of Facebook, have continuously proclaimed “Je suis Charlie Hebdo.” Yesterday, united in belief that terrorism — whatever be…

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