Articles by Kiran Aziz, Norway

Kiran Aziz, Norway

Kiran Aziz is working as Attorney at Law at Ernst & Young in Oslo. She graduated from University in Oslo along with Cornell Law School. She has broad experience from International legal aid projects through being leader of the Internal legal aid committee at The Norwegian Female Lawyers' Association. NKJF cooperates in international projects in order to focus on womens ´ social and legal issues in other parts of the world. NKJF has been involved in projects in countries like Colombia, Thailand, Egypt. Kiran is also a member of the Norwegian Bar Association´s International Legal Aid committee. The purpose is to establish a cooperation with other Bar associations in order to strength Human Rights and access to legal aid. Currently the legal aid projects are in Uganda and Guatemala. Further on Kiran is engaged in Corporate Social Responsibility as being one of the members of International Commission of Jurists (ICJ). She is also a board member of Oslo Red Cross.


Norske Muslimer Skaper Historie

På en kjølig lørdagskveld fanget Oslo verdens oppmerksomhet. En gruppe unge norske muslimer kom sammen og sendte et klart fredsbudskap ved å danne et menneskelig skjold rundt synagogen i Oslo. Denne solidaritetsmarkeringen kom i lys av de siste ukers terrorangrep i Paris og København som har reist bekymringer om de jødiske samfunns sikkerhet i Europa….


Norwegian Muslims Make History

On a chilly Saturday evening in Oslo, Norway’s Muslims made history in a way that captured the world’s attention. A group of young Norwegian Muslims came together and decided to send a clear message to the world by forming a human shield around a synagogue in Oslo. This show of solidarity came in light of…

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