Articles by Luciana Meira, Brazil

Luciana Meira, Brazil

Luciana has experience within the United Nations and the private sector and is currently working towards the creation of learning opportunities for policy makers from developing countries in the UN Industrial Development Organization. Luciana graduated in Law and International Relations, and holds a Master degree in Global Studies from the University of Vienna, but believes that the majority of her education has come from the brilliant people she has collaborated with along the way. Luciana is passionate about learning and sharing knowledge and has a special interest in the economic and political struggles of developing countries and women’s empowerment.


What The Belo Monte Dam Means For Brazil

Reconciling economic development, environmental sustainability and social welfare is not a simple affair. The construction of the Belo Monte Dam complex on the Xingu River, a north-flowing tributary of the Amazon in the State of Pará, is an example of this complexity. Belo Monte is one of the world’s largest hydroelectric facilities in construction and…

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