Articles by Morwari Zafar, US

Morwari Zafar, US

Morwari Zafar is a PhD candidate in anthropology at the University of Oxford. She is an affiliate of the Centre on Migration, Policy and Society and the Oxford Diasporas Programme, and a visiting scholar at George Washington University’s Institute for Global and International Studies. Her research examines the contributions the Afghan-American diaspora made in producing expert knowledge for the U.S. military’s counterinsurgency effort in Afghanistan. She holds a MA in anthropology from George Washington University and a BA in English from the University of Puget Sound.


How to Help Afghanistan? Use the Diaspora

As Afghanistan convenes a new government it will need to ensure that development plans mobilize aid into action. Since 2001, “assistance” and “investment” have flowed to Afghanistan in varying guises and ever-increasing quantities. The structure and discourse of economic development prioritized quantity over quality, funneling donor funding and warm bodies into projects with little purpose…

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