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Don’t you hate yourself when you click on those headlines? Soundbites and listicles are taking over media, dumbing down complex issues like inequality, foreign policy, climate change and immigration. We can’t afford to be wrong on these issues and we need your help to change that by contributing to our Indiegogo Campaign.  We want to…


Iran Will Get Nukes And The World Better Deal With It

“The most common form of human stupidity is forgetting what one is trying to do.”  -Friedrich Nietzsche Arabs often say that Iranians are so patient that they prefer slaughtering their sheep with cotton, not with knives. Contrary to western politicians, whose attention spans rarely exceed the next elections, Iranians do not measure history in months…


Staying the Course Against ISIL

“Well… Because it’s not your business or my business, […] or [for] anybody else to interfere in other people’s countries and tell them how to run it, even to run it well. They must be left to their own salvation.” Sir John Shaw, British Chief Secretary of Palestine in the 1940’s Despite repeated rhetoric blunders,…


A Single Global Market for Labor

By Willy Shih, Harvard Business School Professor of Management Practice in Business Administration One of the dominant features of the global competitive environment is the growth of the tradable sector, those portions of an economy where the outputs are traded internationally. Technology has long powered the growth of tradability, from the railroads and steamships of the 19th…


Global Reader – A Focus on Climate Change

Focus on Climate Change at UN General Assembly Preceded by the largest climate march in history, President Obama delivered a strong speech to the UN underscoring the need for every country to address climate change and highlighting a new federal initiative to include sustainability factors in international development programs. China Embraces Carbon Pricing, Other…

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