Articles by Tewfik Cassis, Egypt

Tewfik Cassis, Egypt

Tewfik Cassis received a BSc in Management Science from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and is a graduate of the Cairo American College. He is currently a second year student at Harvard Business School. Most recently, Tewfik served as Head of Business Development for Roominate, an educational toy company based in Palo Alto, aimed at closing the gender gap in STEM fields. Prior to that he worked for McKinsey’s Dubai office focusing on Telecommunications, Marketing and Sales projects. Tewfik was part of the founding team of Romulus Capital, a student-run VC fund. As an undergrad he was an Executive Editor for the MIT International Review. He has an interest in the global political economy with a particular focus on Middle Eastern politics and conflict resolution.


A Case for ‘Europe’

Today we stand on the precipice of a European implosion. A popular referendum on July 5th may determine if Greece will leave the monetary union, and perhaps, according to its Central Bank, also the EU. A Syriza look-a-like party, Podemos, has captured the hearts of voters in Spain and now rules its two largest cities,…


A Chinese Tour De Force: Why the US Must Continue its Pivot to Asia

Two weeks ago China went on a diplomatic tour de force, asserting its rising position not only in its Pacific backyard but also globally. The show of diplomatic dexterity demonstrated a degree of breadth in issues and bilateral partners unseen in the international arena since Henry Kissinger. Xi Jinping, China’s President, signed a climate accord…


The Islamic State: A Break with History

Tewfik argues that the rise of the Islamic State is the result of the obsolesce of the power sharing agreements borne out of the collapse of the Ottoman Empire. To permanently defeat the Islamic State and bring stability to the Middle East it may be necessary to reinvent the institutions that govern the Fertile Crescent.  There is nothing “Islamic” about the…


Time for Arab Leadership against ISIS

Tewfik argues that as the world prepares itself to broaden the war against ISIS Arab Leadership is necessary. Arab states must urgently act against ISIS for their short term self interest to both destroy the movement and set the tone against extremism for the future. Tomorrow Barack Obama will outline his plan for dealing with ISIS. Listening to statements…

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