Articles by Vassilis Kontos, Cyprus

Vassilis Kontos, Cyprus

Vassilis Kontos is currently VP of Investment Management with Cyprus Capital Partners, the first private equity fund in Cyprus. Vassilis started his career at ASTRA, his family’s car rental business where he led the development of a new company offering leasing services, before setting up his own consulting firm specializing in business development for international clients wishing to establish or grow their operations in Cyprus. He is a graduate of Indiana University’s Kelley School of Business where he completed the Business Honors Program with Distinction & Honors majoring in Finance & International Business. Vassilis is fluent in four languages and has received a diploma from Ecole Superieure de Commerce in Rouen, France.


Putin’s Only Hope: Keep Calm and Carry On

Russia is experiencing the toughest economic crisis of the Putin presidency. Punished by Western sanctions for its actions in Ukraine, the Russian economy has also suffered a double blow in international markets. The ruble has sharply declined against global currencies. At the same time, the prices for Russia’s primary exports, oil and natural gas, have…

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