When Silicon Valley eats Wall Street

The magic of Silicon Valley is not only that entrepreneurs take on ambitious startups—it’s that they often take on ambitious startups they know little about. They pick opportunities that seem promising even if they are outside of their own personal core competencies, and they figure it out. Move fast and break things. Throw ideas on…


Big Data and the Government: Friend not foe

The British Government recently launched ‘verify,’ a scheme that allows citizens to prove their identity online. The public reaction was less than enthusiastic. The Times, a reputable British newspaper, exclaimed in its headline ‘Virtual ID for everyone – Privacy fears over vast expansion of online services.’ In the post-Snowden environment it is privacy campaigners not…


Building the Next Silicon Valley: Your Regulations are my Opportunity

 Countries can build the next Silicon Valley by turning smart regulation into a competitive advantage   Jeff Bezos famously said, “Your margin is my opportunity,” and built a colossus of American business to take advantage of that. Amazon has become a dominant engine powering Seattle’s economy, reshaping downtown Seattle, creating jobs, and helping Seattle beat…

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