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A Case for ‘Europe’

Today we stand on the precipice of a European implosion. A popular referendum on July 5th may determine if Greece will leave the monetary union, and perhaps, according to its Central Bank, also the EU. A Syriza look-a-like party, Podemos, has captured the hearts of voters in Spain and now rules its two largest cities,…


Lonely Putin Goes to Budapest

Hungary’s reception of Putin earlier this week – however publically understated – demonstrates fractures in the EU’s posture towards Putin. Though sharing not only a border with Ukraine but also a deep-seated distrust of things Russian, Hungary can’t afford the language of political lambast that comes so cheaply to those further West. In what was…


Putin’s Only Hope: Keep Calm and Carry On

Russia is experiencing the toughest economic crisis of the Putin presidency. Punished by Western sanctions for its actions in Ukraine, the Russian economy has also suffered a double blow in international markets. The ruble has sharply declined against global currencies. At the same time, the prices for Russia’s primary exports, oil and natural gas, have…

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