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Iran Will Get Nukes And The World Better Deal With It

“The most common form of human stupidity is forgetting what one is trying to do.”  -Friedrich Nietzsche Arabs often say that Iranians are so patient that they prefer slaughtering their sheep with cotton, not with knives. Contrary to western politicians, whose attention spans rarely exceed the next elections, Iranians do not measure history in months…


Egypt at War: A War on Two Fronts

21 Egyptians executed, a Jordanian pilot burned alive and countless horrific tragedies. For most the Islamic State is the hot issue for 2015, despite their carnage being felt since 2012. The Islamic State will not attack our humanity, our military power or our economy but attacks our will. The attack is calculated, ruthless and strategic…


حرب الأردن

شهد الأسبوع الماضي حرق الطيار والمواطن الأردني معاذ الكساسبة حياً حتى الموت داخل قفص حديدي على يد تنظيم داعش. وشأني شأن الكثير من الآخرين، فقد شعرت بالحزن الجارف بسبب وفاته بهذه الطريقة المروعة، وأحسست بالعجز حيال ما أصبح عليه حال الشرق الأوسط ومنذ عدة أشهر كنت متشككاً من ضرورة مشاركة الأردن في التحالف الذي تقوده…


Jordan’s War: #IAMMUATH

Last week, pilot and fellow Jordanian, Muath Kassassbeh, was burnt alive in a cage by ISIS. Like many others, I felt an overwhelming sense of grief over his horrific death, and a general helplessness about what has become of the Middle East. A few months ago I was skeptical about the necessity of Jordan being part of…


A Chinese Tour De Force: Why the US Must Continue its Pivot to Asia

Two weeks ago China went on a diplomatic tour de force, asserting its rising position not only in its Pacific backyard but also globally. The show of diplomatic dexterity demonstrated a degree of breadth in issues and bilateral partners unseen in the international arena since Henry Kissinger. Xi Jinping, China’s President, signed a climate accord…

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