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Botswana: The Corruption Exception

Once annually, Transparency International, a non-governmental organization that monitors corporate and political corruption in international development, releases a study referred to as the Corruption Perception Index (CPI). The CPI, which was first launched in 1995, ranks countries and territories based on how corrupt their public sector is perceived to be. The information gathered to create…


A (Real) Climate Change Agenda

Freedom—the ability of all to live how they so choose, up to the point that this undermines the ability of others to do the same—and a thriving natural environment—the supply of the environmental goods and services as well as climatic stability upon which civilization depends—provide the common, fundamental keystones for a prosperous society composed of…


Northern Ireland: Can Peace Hold?

A tall task faces US negotiator Gary Hart in his efforts to maintain relative tranquility in Northern Ireland.  Buffeted by myriad forms of conflict in the past eighteen months, the region’s peace has remained in place, if not securely so.  While matters concerning ethno-national parades and flags rank high on Mr. Hart’s docket, they are…


Burkina Faso: The (In)Significant Coup

West Africa often makes international headlines, rarely with positive news. Recent stories include: French intervention in Mali following a coup and a separatist conflict; the rise of Boko Haram in Nigeria; oil theft and environmental degradation in the Niger Delta; piracy and armed robbery in the Gulf of Guinea; civil war in Côte d’Ivoire; and…

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